Otmoor’s atmospheric, full of contrasting stories and black line drawings which complement each other richly... On three occasions though, for me, something even more magical happens. These are the only times in the sequence when an untitled set of just three lines of poetry sits quietly facing a line drawing. I surprise myself by just how powerful I find these... The whole pamphlet is evocative and rich; the poet and artist work well together… the collaboration completely fuses, as though the two mediums meet on their most equal terms...

Otmoor traces a history of engagement with and within a particular place, combining art and poetry to make a patchwork of intersecting fields. Echoing the Oxfordshire floodplains of its title, this pamphlet tests out a fluid, protean aesthetic within forms of enclosure. These forms range from medieval lyric to sestina to haiku in David Attwooll’s poems, and from aerial photography to geological stratigraphy in Andrew Walton’s line drawings. The combination of these forms allows them to be re-read in conversation with each other, creating conditions for new ways of seeing and being in a place.

The Sound Ladder

David Attwooll’s great new collection ...

... humane and thoughtful with so much to enjoy.

... poems roam from the exotic colours of Mexico to the mudflat floodwater plains of Port Meadow, Oxford ... there’s the sardonically political ... through the playfully absurd ... to the sharply analytical or beautifully observed places where myth elides with reality ... a cluster of clevernesses - some brilliant ideas, some very unusual sideways approaches to getting a decent poem ... Attwooll’s wide ranging glances at offbeat complexities.

Noel Williams, The North

Ground Work

... lovingly crafted, precisely executed poetry that’s not afraid of a bit of structural experimentation combined with rich visual artwork…What more could you want from a collection? Fantastic.

... far more than a love affair with a place

... gorgeously produced collaboration between a poet and a painter… debunks nature poetry while at the same time creating some of the most exquisite nature poetry I’ve ever come across.


Geographically, linguistically, thematically and stylistically this is a varied and rich collection of poems.

Simon Armitage

I like David Attwooll’s lack of pretension and preciousness. He is playful and experimental ...

... at his most insightful he marries this awe at our connectedness to the passage of the years ...


  • 2016: Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year - joint first prize (see Anthologies under Publications)
  • 2016: Plough Poetry competition - shortlisted
  • 2015: RSPB/Rialto Nature Poetry Competition – highly commended
    Havant Poetry Competition – first prize, and commended
    Poetry Society Stanza Competition – commended
    Live Canon International Poetry Competition - shortlisted
  • 2012/3: Poetry Business Book & Pamphlet competition – see Surfacing above
  • 2012: The Cannon’s Mouth ‘Sonnet or Not’ - second prize
David Attwooll in Havant, photo credit: Louise Ordish
Image credit Louise Ordish